Drank allows mobile orders at your favorite breweries & pubs.

Never wait in a long line again! Home deliveries available soon.

Contactless Payments

Faster & safer payment transactions. View menus in real-time & order through your mobile phone!

Personalized Taste palettes

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm can recommend the next beer you should try.

Save Time

We automate the entire transaction process with mobile orders.

No more long lines

Dedicated express lanes for our members, or opt for a home delivery instead.

“Getting a drink used to take forever!  Now I can leverage Drank’s mobile orders to automate the transaction process, and get served faster by their dedicated express lane for members.”

About us

We are a team of beer lovers, who are trying to help other beer enthusiasts succeed!  Whether you work at a brewery/bar, or just frequent them a lot.  We have your back!

Our mission

Drank is dedicated to saving our customers time & money.  We automate the ordering process for our customers, and help you earn credits for your loyalty.

Our offer

  • Ease of use
  • Order in 3 clicks
  • Up-to-date menus