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Contactless Payments

Faster & safer payment transactions. View menus in real-time & order through your mobile phone!


Not sure what to order? Our A.I. will make recommendations based off your personal taste palette.

Get Served Faster

Members get access to our dedicated express lane & automated table orders. So you can order a whole round for your friends!

Drank allows mobile orders at your favorite breweries & bar.  Never wait in a long line again!  Home deliveries available soon.

Not sure what type of beer to get?  Leave it to us!  Our members get A.I. recommendations based off their personal taste palette.

Download the app to start redeeming drinks!  Browse for free.  


Work at a brewery or bar? Partner with us to connect with more customers.  Sell more with our mobile orders, while reducing your labor cost.

Faster transactions, and leverage our network to grow your business. Visit our Partners page to learn more!

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We took home honorable mention at StartupWeekend (TechStars x Google Acclerator @ CSU MB). See what our early adopters had to say!

OMG what a long line. We need Drank everywhere!


Waiting in line is the worst! I would even pay a premium just to avoid that.

Google Launchpad

Why isn't anyone doing this yet?!


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Support Your Local Bars!

Drank believes in supporting local bars & breweries.  These businesses, in particular, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 temporary closures, as consumers were forced to purchase their alcohol exclusively at grocery stores… That is Read more…

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